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Our vision

Plastics currently used by food, hospitality, catering and HORECA sectors have a critical impact on both the environment & the human health.

Unlike the traditional model based on a ‘take-make-consume-throw away’ pattern, Noostrim’s vision is based on sharing, leasing, reuse, repair, refurbishment and recycling, in a closed loop, where products and the materials they contain are highly valued and healthy for human being.


Our health and the health of the earth are intimately linked. NOOSTRIM ‘s mission is to provide a solution to companies which have the ambition to make their food & beverage containers cleaner.

How ?

By being both manufactured as neutral as possible for human health (raw materials and risk-free additives), and as neutral as possible for the environment thanks to their reusable characteristics.


Through its innovation pole, NOOSTRIM’s mission is to synergistically transfer its knowledge to users of plastic food containers and share their knowledge to develop common projects.


Smarter use of resources will in the future enable people to enjoy a prosperous life on a healthy planet, with a strong and sustainable economy. NOSTRIM is committed to do everything possible to preserve our environment. Everything disposable is most often synonymous with waste and pollution. Reusable (reuse) is an awareness of our waste issues and its implementation is an essential asset of the circular economy and generator of local and sustainable activities.

Cars, trains and planes run on fuels which have an impact on the environment. Higher energy consumption also increases carbon emissions. Our model of circular economy will have a less negative impact on the environment and will reduce carbon emissions.


Aware and attentive to partners needs, from local to global. Each on its own scale, needs and ultimate objectives. NOOSTRIM adapts to the demands and capacities of all and strives to be a good neighbour engaging in various actions for the benefit of the local communities. Open and transparent communication with our ultimate users and local communities are a must to ensure we receive social acceptance for our operations.

Noostrim is also engaged with partners committed to create a recycling infrastructure with plastic collectors in developing regions to both mitigate poverty and social inequalities for local communities and share new recycling systems for our raw materials sourcing.